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Andy Ang graduated with honours in Chinese studies from Nanyang Technological University, and is currently an educator. He founded the TrendLit literary society and publisher which produces WhyNot, a Chinese literary magazine. His writings under the pen name Gu Xing Zi, which means Lonesome Star, have appeared in publications in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. His poetry collections include Destroy All Gods and After Commotion, The Void, and he edited the anthology In the Space of a Poem.


孤星子 - 新加坡新生代诗人、作家。生于1987年,新加坡南洋理工大学中文系荣誉学士,现为教育工作者。2012年创办新文潮文学社与文学杂志《WhyNot 不为什么》。作品多见于新马、中港台等地报刊。著有《喧嚣过后》 与《消灭众神》,主编《一首诗的时间2015》等。积极推动文学文化活动,希望将文学带到更有人烟的地方。