Creating A Fictional Universe

Date & Time

16 March, 10.30am – 1.30pm


*SCAPE Arena,
2 Orchard Link,
Singapore 237978


$15 (includes a copy of Nightmare on Eat Street). Modelmaking materials and paint provided. Register via here.


Dive into the weird and wonderful mind of author, illustrator, artist, sculptor and creator David Liew. Where do the ideas for his quirky Nightmare on Eat Street characters – Zombie Kroobi, Crankshaft (haunted suit of armour), Rufus the Werewolf, Dribbl the Goblin etc – come from? How does he create coherent fictional universes? Find out as he reveals them.

In this fun hands-on session, David will also guide you along as you create your own miniature model house which your characters will inhabit (materials and paint provided).

Participants will receive a free copy of David’s book. Refreshments will be provided.

Organised By

Bubbly Books

About the Organiser

Established in 2011, Bubbly Books is a boutique children’s publishing company. We create entertaining and fun books to inspire children and instil a passion for reading. Most of their books are either set in Singapore or have a strong Asian flavour, tapping into the deep cultural traditions of the region. In the last few years, Bubbly Books has produced eight national bestselling titles and received more than 10 award nominations.