Radio Play


SingLit is bringing radio plays back to Singapore radio! Through Michelle Martin’s Talking Books programme on 938 Live, local publishers Epigram Books, Ethos Books, Landmark Books, Marshall Cavendish and Math Paper Press are collaborating in a unique series of author interviews featuring “radio play” style dramatic excerpt readings of published works representing Singapore literature to a listening audience.


If you missed the radio broadcast, click the links below to listen to the episodes!


Panel Discussion

SingLit Panel Part 1

SingLit Panel Part 2


Ep 1


Featuring Phillip Holden’s Aeroplane



Hear Gwee Li Sui introduce a dramatised reading of a poem that references a historic football match

It’s an out-of-this-world experience: Hear an excerpt of the short story, earthrise



Listen to an excerpt of the novel Rain Tree by Mahita Vas

Featuring an excerpt from Grace Chia’s Wanderlusters


Ep 4

Hear Alfian Saat introduce an excerpt of his short story, Second Take

Hear Simon Tay introduce an excerpt of his short story, My Grandfather Tim


Ep 5

Hear Neil Humphreys introduce an excerpt from his book, Rich Kill Poor Kill

Hear Nicholas Yong introduce an excerpt of his short story, Wake Me Up When It Is 2116