SingLit Gift Book Box

SingLit Gift Book Box

This holiday season, seven partners have put together gift boxes with books from Singaporean authors and a touch of holiday surprise. From picture books to adult fiction, there is something for everyone!



This is a special, one-time box.  Each box contains our best-kept secrets on the Singapore Literature shelf — poetry, prose and essays that are guaranteed to entertain and educate while you're on the go. Easy to read, easy to carry!

Price: $59

To purchase, please visit BooksActually store and online store.

Two “mysterious books” by local authors, with the book description on the wrapping chosen by the authors themselves, and a poem by curator Adam Tie from The Novel Encounter.

There are more Singaporeans that love the expression of writing than you think.

Support local!

Price: $52

To purchase, please visit The Novel Encounter’s online store

The Little Red Box contains books and objects meaningful to our small country’s past and social landscapes.

Written Country, edited by Gwee Li Sui, is an acclaimed anthology that tells the history of Singapore via excerpts from our literature from the Japanese Occupation to the death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  City of Small Blessings, the Singapore Literature Prize winning novel by Simon Tay, explores the meaning of home and how Singaporeans strive to contribute to its maturity.

The box also contains a unique keepsake: a handmade clay tablet impressed with the line “Time passes for the historian”, taken from Tay’s novel.

Also included are bookplates featuring a national monument - the old Supreme Court, now part of the National Gallery.

The Little Red Box, which comes with a convenient gift tag, is a suitable present for those who are keen on Singaporean writing, our history and its national fabric.

Price: $39.90

To purchase, please visit the following stores:

  1. Kinokuniya Main Store at Ngee Ann City
  2. Littered with Books (20 Duxton Road)
  3. Online from Localbooks website

City Book Room




含两本适宜在蓝天白云天空下阅读的神秘书本+ 神秘文创礼品 (S$58)

含两本适宜于暧昧不定的雨声下阅读的神秘书籍+ 神秘文创礼品 (S$58)

含两本适宜晴雨天阅读的神秘书籍 + 神秘文创礼品 (S$58)

凡购买 S$30 或以上的书籍,即可免费获赠一个朴实 MUJI 纸盒 + 一张“小时候”明信片(任选)

City Memories Box

Do you love surprises?

Choosing the right Christmas presents is hard and that's where the “City Memories Box” works its uniqueness, because it does all of that for you and your friends who love SingLit.

Every box comes with two books and a little gift that will complement your reading experience.

We have (had ) a good time.

Treat yourself. Treat someone else. Just treat them to a bit of mystery.

Price: $58

To purchase, please visit City Book Room store & online order.

Children / Young Adult

Closetful of Books

A book bag with three awesomely adventurous books -

  • The House on Palmer Road by Si Hoe S. S. and Sim Ee Waun
  • Fossil Finders #1: Mesozoic Mission by Andy Chua
  • Secrets of Singapore by Lesley-Anne and Monica Lim

This bag is best suited explorers aged 8 years old and up and will come with a set of stickers and a notebook with writing prompts inspired by The House on Palmer Road.

Price: $30

To purchase, please visit Closetful of Books online store

Closetful of Books

A book bag that promises to whet your appetite for myths and intrigue.

You'll find three delicious books in your bag -

  • The Fibonacci Revelation by Radhika Puri
  • The Island in the Caldera by Lin Xueling
  • Dim Sum Warriors: Enter the Dumpling by Colin Goh and Yen Yen Woo.

This bag is best suited for readers 12 and up and each bag will come with a bookmark as well as a secret cipher from The Fibonacci Revelation.

Price: $30

To purchase, please visit Closetful of Books online store

Koleksi terhad buku bergambar kucing tulisan warganegara Singapura ini disertai dengan hadiah misteri. Hanya pada bulan Disember 2017. Sesuai untuk umur 6 - 8 tahun.

This limited edition set of cat books is suitable for 6 – 8 year olds. Written by local authors, they are also accompanied by a mystery gift.

Features of the Box:

  • Di Mana Rumah Saya? by Nur-El-Hudaa Jaffar
  • Cerita Mimi by X Kwang
  • Hai Kucing by Fadilah Abdul Malik

Price: $29.90

To purchase, please visit the following stores:

  1. Pustaka Nasional
  2. Pustaka Islamiyah
  3. Haji Hashim Enterprise
  4. Muslimedia Bookshop
  5. Ungu Pen

Set terhad Siri Pengembaraan Fantasi karya Manaf Hamzah kini pada harga $40 sahaja sehingga 31/12/17 (termasuk peta pengembaraan). Harga asal $54.00.

This limited edition box set of The Fantastic Journeys written by Manaf Hamzah is now on offer at $40 until 31/12/17(inclusive of a map). The original price is $54.

Features of the Box:

Books written by Manaf Hamzah-

  • Seruling Perak
  • Dewi Air Mata
  • Jati Lestyari Bahagian 1
  • Jati Lestari Bahagian 2

This box is suited for teens between 12 – 16 years old.

Price: $40

To purchase, please visit the following stores:

  1. Pustaka Nasional
  2. Pustaka Islamiyah
  3. Haji Hashim Enterprise
  4. Muslimedia Bookshop
  5. Ungu Pen

The theme of the 蒲公英 / Dandelion #BuySingLit Special is “Love & Appreciation”. As year-end approaches and the Christmas festivities begin, it is also a golden opportunity for young children to spend more time with their family members, and learn to show love and appreciation to the people closest to their hearts. We have carefully curated 2 lovely reads created by local authors that are sure to interest young readers. Through reading and completing the activities together with their parents, this pack is perfect for some family reading and bonding fun this holiday.

Features of the Box:

  • Tale of Majie’s Goldfish Lantern by Patrick Yee
  • The Fire Dragon Family by Jia Liming

*Box comes with literary log, craft and activity sheets.

This box is suited for children between 5 – 9 years old.

Price: $49 (excluding $5 for courier)

To purchase, please visit the following stores:

  1. Dandelion Online Store
  2. Sprout Language Centre
  3. City Book Room
  4. Maha Yuyi